NATS Nursery Ltd. - Native Plants

Indigenous Relations

We acknowledge that we conduct our business on the traditional lands of the Katzie, Kwantlen, Matsqui and Semiahmoo First Nations.

Indigenous Relations

NATS Nursery works on projects that stretch across the Pacific Northwest, the North, Alberta and beyond, that aim to reclaim and/or restore environments, on the territorial lands of many First Nations. NATS is committed to assist in this by supporting what is best for communities and environments affected by disturbed land. We believe that reclamation work should not just act as a band-aid for damaged land, but rather should aim to return that land to a well-functioning habitat for wildlife and people. This takes good planning which benefits from, and in many cases requires, the insight of the original inhabitants who have historical knowledge important to reaching that goal. The concept of “right plant, right place” is our motto and drives the work we do. We believe that community driven land reclamation is the best way to approach solutions to disturbed land issues on the traditional territories of First Nations people. NATS is proud to work with First Nations on land reclamation, and we are determined to do our part to help make it right so that future generations and all creatures may continue to enjoy the land as their ancestors did before them.

We value our relationships with indigenous communities and people, strive to strengthen them and to make new ones. We value the sharing of knowledge, and we are invested in the mutual benefit of reclaiming and/or restoring native plant communities for the benefit of all and ultimately our global environment.

Guiding Principals

  • We recognize the unique traditions, values, and cultures of First Nations people, and will conduct our business in a manner that supports and respects these values.  To this end we commit to listen carefully to the people with whom we work in our relationships.
  • To provide clear, accessible and transparent information in all interactions.
  • To champion First Nations native plant reclamation needs and wants on their land.
  • Where appropriate, share ideas and knowledge for the growing and use of native plants.
  • To deliver on our commitments and be open and transparent if something is standing in the way of our mutual success.
  • NATS is invested in educating all our employees in regards to indigenous peoples, their history, values, goals and concerns, to achieve better understanding and improved relationships.