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    We offer professional facilities and year round growing.

Meet Our Staff

Rod Nataros – Principal (Email Rod) 
Rod founded NATS in 1988 and has carefully assembled a top-notch employee team. He is committed to improving the world in which we live through the use of native plants to restore habitat corridors.  NATS’ mandate is to work towards sustainability in our daily operations.

Ron Jacobson – Business Development Manager (Email Ron) 
Ron joined NATS in the spring of 2014 after spending the previous 10 years as Marketing Manager for Pelton Reforestation and PRT Growing Services Ltd., the largest grower of container seedlings for reforestation in North America.  With over 40 years of marketing, sales and new business development experience, Ron is helping NATS grow it’s business for both native plants and NATS LiveRoof.

Shailesh Patel – Head Grower
Shailesh has been growing at NATS since 2002. His depth and breadth of knowledge on growing native plants is admirable. He is also is adept at handling all manner of nursery pests with minimum chemical controls. Shailesh earned a BSc. in Agriculture, specializing in horticulture and plant pathology, and his skill at managing the greenhouses and grower team has enabled NATS to produce superior products. Shailesh enjoys working with the plants everyday.

Louise Daudt – Production & Inventory Manager
Louise joined NATS in the fall of 2022 as Inventory and Sales Assistant, then promoted to Production & Inventory Manager a year later. She has a BSc. of Biological Sciences – Ecology and Landscape Horticulture certificate. At NATS, she works closely with the grower and sales teams to manage the annual production of over 300 plant species for inventory and custom growing contracts. She manages the seed and plant inventory for the nursery.

Michael Campbell – Container Sales (Email Michael) 
Michael joined the NATS team in 2007 and brought with him his passion for native plants and edible landscaping. He has a B.A. in Archaeology from SFU and an honors Diploma in Business from BCIT and has previously managed Garden Works Ocean Park, West Coast Seeds and was the gardener and volunteer coordinator for a small heritage garden for the Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey.  Michael works with landscape architects, installers and designers along with various community groups and municipalities to provide them with plants and advice for all their native plant needs – small and large projects alike.  Working with a top notch team of growers and shipping staff enables Michael to provide you quick, dependable service and high-quality native plants for your project needs.

Jenn Gushuliak – Starter Plant Sales (Email Jenn) 
Jenn has a passion for plant and has worked in the horticulture/floriculture industry for 20+ years. Her gardening roots run back to humble beginnings in Winnipeg which paved the way for growth and perennial, shrub and tree experience in the temperate rainforest climes of BC. She is thrilled to be working alongside respectful knowledgeable staff who all agree their work is meaningful and valuable to this earth. Alongside Jennifer Adhika (Custom Grow Contract Rep) she will provide in house sales experience for NATS seedling customers working on reclamation, reforestation, conservancy and landscape projects. Jenn is dedicated to long term growth with her customers and fulfilling the NATS mantra, “Right place for the right plant.”

Jennifer Adhika – Special Projects Coordinator (Email Jennifer)
Jennifer has a BSc in Environmental Studies and has been on staff at NATS Nursery since 2016, spending 2 years as Inventory Manager and Sales Assistant, then 4 years as Starter Plant Sales Manager. Now, as Special Projects Coordinator, she works with other NATS staff to complete bids and quotes for larger contracts, and custom growing Seedling Management Services Agreements. Jennifer has a large working knowledge of native plants, their habitats, applications, and is always learning more about native plant species. She has spent time in the field doing research on plants and plant communities, participating in restoration planting, and invasive species removal.

Dean Villaceran – LiveRoof & Permaloc Sales (Email Dean
Dean works in conjunction with architects, installers, and our team of growers at NATS Nursery to turn your green roof vision into a beautiful reality. Whether it’s sedums, bulbs, grasses or perennials, the diversity is limitless. Dean will coordinate the custom growing of your LiveRoof, the delivery and installation of your modules, and plan for the ongoing maintenance. Have you considered a LiveRoof for your house, garage or next development? Contact Dean and start your green roof today.