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BCIT Lays NATS Sedum Mats

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is testing out NATS Nursery Sedum Mats in search of cost savings and esthetics.

With a donation from NATS, Adam Dickinson, Supervisor of Facilities Services, Grounds and Landscaping at BCIT, is creating a demonstration site of sedum turf to replace a 5 foot wide grass boulevard and bus stop round between a parking lot and an access road.

This is a perfect application for NATS Sedum Mats. With a grass boulevard, there is the regular maintenance cost of edging with a weed wacker and cutting the grass. Maintaining the grass in this way has the potential of spraying parked and moving vehicles with grass clippings and even tossed sand and rocks. In addition, the grass turns brown when water restrictions are in place.

With NATS Sedum Mats, the area will look nice year round as sedums are very drought-tolerant, change colours throughout the year, and require very little maintenance compared to grass.

With cost savings and a nicer looking landscape, we’re expecting an A+ on this test!