NATS Nursery Ltd. - Native Plants

Environmental Policy

At NATS Nursery, we are committed to operating and working in a manner that protects the environment. We are committed to continually reducing our environmental impact wherever possible. For example, we are no longer using neonicotinoids.

We are pleased to announce we have a new Environmental Policy to share with our valued customers.

May 28, 2015

Environmental Policy

NATS Nursery Ltd. is a producer and supplier of native plants and other nursery stock to the reclamation, landscape, wholesale and retail sectors, a supplier of landscape edging and a supplier of plants and fully grown NATS LiveRoof modules to the green roof industry.

NATS is committed to operating and working in a manner that protects the environment by working to prevent pollution, reduce environmental risk, conserve energy and natural resources, maximize recycling, and minimize waste and is committed to continual improvement.

NATS complies with industry codes of practice and endeavours to respond to customer demand regarding environmental concerns now and in the future.

Whenever possible, NATS will monitor and track seed harvests, growing and supplying plants with the appropriate geographic provenance.

The owner and managers will ensure that they and their staff are made aware of environmental issues that might be affected and influenced by nursery activities.


  • NATS has eliminated the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, as they are known to be persistent and we are aware there is evidence they contribute to the global decline in pollinating insects and colony collapse disorder of honeybees.
  • Increasing our use of native plant stock beds in the nursery to reduce our collection of propagative material in the wild.
  • When collecting native seed, we will follow current guidelines of the North American Native Plant Society. This will help to ensure the long term sustainability of local native plant populations.