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Land Reclamation

Successful land reclamation is the most effective argument in growing public support for mining and resource extraction projects.  

A key factor in determining the success of restoration, reclamation and rehabilitation projects is the use of quality plant material that is geographically suited to the environment. NATS Nursery is your native plant specialist and we carry a large inventory of material native to the Pacific Northwest, the northern regions (B.C., Alberta, the Yukon, the N.W.T. and Nunavut) and the Prairies, all the way to the Eastern seaboard. We are propagation experts with over 30 years experience and stand behind each and every plant that we produce.

We offer custom growing services for projects that require large volumes of material or provenance specific plants. We can collect site specific seed, ship the seed back to our modern propagation facility and use our expertise to propagate materials on schedule and within budget.

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