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LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System


“Deep Cove Cliffhanger” Green Roof by NATS Nursery Ltd., Naikoon Contracting Ltd. & Synthesis Design


NATS Nursery is proud to be a licensed grower of the LiveRoof modular green roof system.

Booking Your Project:

LiveRoof requires a period of 12-14 weeks of growing time, under appropriate growing conditions. NATS Nursery offers two LiveRoof plantings throughout the year.

  • Planting #1 June, with delivery in August/September (deposits required by April 15th)
  • Planting #2 August, with delivery in October, or over-wintered with delivery the following spring (deposits required by July 15th)

To request a quote or book your LiveRoof project, please contact our LiveRoof representative Dean <>.

LiveRoof is your natural choice if you are looking for green roof that:
– provides instant impact and immediate enjoyment
– requires minimal maintenance
– provides the coverage and beauty of a plant in place system with the convenience of a modular system

We believe LiveRoof to be the best modular green roof system on the market and here are  a few reasons why:

Pre-vegetated modules provide instant beauty
LiveRoof modules are grown to 95% coverage at our nursery before installation resulting in a green roof that is completely established and instantly green. No special maintenance is required to get your roof established as we do all the work for you.

Endless Plant Mix Choice
NATS Nursery is a specialized grower and can provide a wide range of plant mixes for your roof. Love yellows and reds, no problem. Want a cool blue colour theme to compliment your water view, easy. Want something bold and bright that provides habitat for wildlife, we’ve got a plant mix for that too.

No Hidden Costs. No Extra Work.
With LiveRoof, all components above the waterproof membrane and root barrier are included in the cost so there are no surprises later on. Although the initial acquisition costs of a LiveRoof can be greater than other green roof systems, the total cost of a LiveRoof is equal or less over time. This is because all of the costs are upfront and the work is all done for you. We assemble the modules, create a special soil mix, plant your roof and grow it to maturity. When your roof is installed, you get a fully grown green roof and the only work left to do is to follow an easy maintenance protocol.

Proven Track Record
With LiveRoof, we know we are delivering the best because they’ve been the best for 14 years. With over 4500 happy customers and 9,000,000 sq feet of installations the LiveRoof system has proven itself time and time again as a product that can endure through time and look good doing it.

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