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LiveRoof pre-vegetated modules are typically shipped by semi trailer, using Hoppit truck-to-roof conveyance racks. Depending on road load restrictions, a semi trailer will fit up to 24 Hoppits, 36 modules each, which equates to 864 modules or 1728 square feet of coverage per load. Modules are quickly picked up with a telescoping forklift or crane (via stringer) and either held at the edge of the roof or directly over the roof surface in the area of module placement. Hoppits can sometimes be placed on the roof with the aid of roof-protecting materials.

Note: A loaded Hoppit can weigh as much as 2200 pounds. Size your lifting equipment accordingly, and remember that lifting capacity and stability decrease with arm swing/extension and boom height.

Please contact Dean Villaceran at 604-530-9300 or email with your questions.