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  • Design with Diversity in Mind

    NATS gives endless plant choices for your LiveRoof.

LiveRoof Plant Mixes

When you order LiveRoof from NATS, our qualified growers take care of everything for you including module assembly, soil preparation and plant growing. You can rest easy knowing that a nursery with over 30 years of growing experience is caring for your plants and bringing your roof to life. When we deliver your LiveRoof modules to your site, they are fully grown and ready to install, providing you with an instant green roof.

When you work with NATS you can customize your roof to suit your colour palette and plant preferences, as we offer a wide range of plant mixes. Love yellows and reds, no problem. Want a cool blue colour theme to compliment your water view, easy. Looking for something bold and bright that provides habitat for local insects and birds, we’ve got a plant mix for that too.

We have a variety of popular mixes to chose from, or you can work with our professional staff to customize a mix that will bring your roof to life.

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  • Seaside Stonecrop (Blue Mix)

    Sedum reflexum 'Blue Moon' Sedum reflexum 'Purple Frost' Sedum album 'Green Ice' Sedum spurium 'Album Superbum' Sedum spurium 'Royal Pink' Sedum sieboldii Sedum Autumn Joy Sedum kamtschaticum Sedum takesimense 'Golden Carpet' Sedum cauticola

  • Valley Meadow (Yellow/Green Mix)

    Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ Sedum rupestre ‘Lime Twist’ Sedum reflexum ‘Solar Spice’ Sedum spurium ‘Tricolor’ Sedum floriferum ‘Weihenstephaner’s Gold’ Sedum kamtschaticum ‘Variegatum’

  • Pollinator Delight Mix – Pollinator

    Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’ Sedum Kamtschaticum ‘Variegatum’ Sedum divergens Sedum acre ‘Aureum’ Sedum album ‘Green Ice’ Sedum floriferum ‘Emerald Carpet’ Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ Sedum spurium ‘Turtle Shell’  

  • Mountain Wildflower (Blue/Green Mix)

    Sedum album 'Coral Carpet' Sedum album 'Green Ice' Sedum divergens Sedum reflexum 'Blue Spruce' Sedum reflexum 'Purple Frost' Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood' Sedum spurium 'John Creech' Sedum spurium 'Pancake Purple' Sedum cauticola 'Lidakense'

  • Forest Grove (Semi Shade-Tolerant, Green Mix)

    Sedum album 'Green Ice' Sedum reflexum 'Blue Spruce' Sedum sieboldii Sedum album 'Jelly Bean' Sedum sexangulare Sedum spurium 'Weedblock' Sedum spurium 'Guacamole' Sedum cauticola 'Lidakense' Sedum takesimense 'Golden Carpet' Sedum kamtschaticum

  • Pacific Sunrise (Yellow/Red Sedum Mix)

    Pacific Sunrise (Yellow/Red Mix)  Sedum album 'Coral Carpet' Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood' Sedum spurium 'Royal Pink' Sedum spurium 'Woodrose' Sedum divergens Sedum floriferum 'Red Riser' Sedum kamtschaticum