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Our LiveRoof representative would be happy to provide you with a project quote. To process your request for quote we will require the following information:

1. Square Footage
2. Depth of System
3. Plant Mix

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Please contact your LiveRoof rep for access to the LiveRoof® Spec Writer for customized 3 part green roof specifications.
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Quick Specs Below

LiveRoof Standard1′ x 2′ x 3-1/4″ (soil height +/- 4-1/4″)
LiveRoof Lite1′ x 2′ x 1-3/4″ (soil height +/- 2-1/2″)
LiveRoof Deep1′ x 2′ x 3-1/4″ (soil height +/- 6″)
LiveRoof Maxx1′ x 1′ x 3-1/4″ (soil height +/- 8″)

Soil fills soil elevator, plants and soil obscure module edges.

Standard and Deep: 14 oz./sq. ft..
Lite: 10.5 oz./sq. ft..

MATERIAL 100% recycled polypropylene (avg. 10% postconsumer, 90% post-industrial) 100 mil. thick walls.

WATER DISPERSAL Approx. 10.0 gal. per min. per lineal foot. Hi-Flow option available with standard and deep module.

MODULE COLOR Black or gray.

(fully saturated)
LiveRoof Standard: approx. 27-29 lbs./SF
LiveRoof Lite: approx. 15-17 lbs./SF
LiveRoof Deep: approx. 40-50 lbs./SF
LiveRoof Maxx 8″: approx. 55-65 lbs/SF

DRAINAGE Positive drain holes, at lowest point in module.

Proprietary LiveRoof specified engineered growing medium, based upon German FLL granulometric specifications, 94+% by dry weight inorganic content for minimal shrinkage/decomposition. (92% in British Columbia).
Dry weight approx. 60-65 lbs/cu.ft.
May vary somewhat with local grower.

Modules to be placed directly upon heavy duty (HDPE, Polypropylene, TPO, EPDM or recyclable PVC) slip sheet/root barrier of 40-60 mil. thickness with effectively bonded seams. This is placed as an additional protective barrier above roof waterproofing membrane and extended 3 inches vertically along parapet to ward against edge abrasion. This may also be glued to parapet if manufacturer approves.
Confirm suitability of waterproofing membrane with manufacturer. Alternatively low profile drain boards work well and manufacturers of cold fluid applied reinforced urethane membranes typically warrant their systems for use in conjunction with the LiveRoof® system.

IRRIGATION SYSTEM Recommended for backup during prolonged hot dry windy weather patterns. Simple overhead system is inexpensive and effective insurance. Irrigation requirements are dependent on plant selection, climate and roof design.
If LiveRoof Lite system is used, irrigation will be essential in all climates.  If the Deep system is used and populated with non-succulents, irrigation is  also essential.

EDGE TREATMENTS Coengineered GeoEdge® aluminium edging with adequate drain perforations recommended. Any edging should allow for adequate drainage (extending to the bottom of the edging) with sidewalls tall enough to completely cover the modules and contain the soil.

PAVERS Coengineered LiveRoof Roofstone® recommended.

PLANTS Consult Licensed Grower in your region for specific recommendations.

CONVEYANCE METHOD Prevegetated modules to be delivered by Hoppit® or other appropriately engineered conveyance device.
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