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    Natural Function. Natural Beauty.

Why LiveRoof?

Natural Function
LiveRoof unites the soil across a monolithic continuum. This allows for equal distribution of moisture, fertility, and beneficial organisms, and is the key to long term function of the green roof system. This is made possible by the use of patented soil elevators which are removed once the roof is installed.

Natural Beauty
LiveRoof is a subterranean modular system, which allows for a naturally beautiful, meadow-like aesthetic. There is no unsightly gridwork of plastic edges that is common with other modular systems (especially during the dormancy period). Again, this is because of the use of soil elevators which are removed once the roof is installed.

The LiveRoof network is dedicated to using sound green-roofing principles including proper interface with the waterproofing system, soil and water considerations, and specific plant options for various soil depths, climates and rooftop microclimates.

Inexpensive Maintenance and Free Ongoing Support
Because LiveRoof is mature upon installation, there is no costly establishment period (as with plant in place or other systems). Maintenance can be costly and unpredictable, but since that is all taken care of when you purchase a LiveRoof, you don’t get any surprises down the road. When the LiveRoof maintenance protocol is followed, an acre-size LiveRoof can be maintained in as little as 10 man-hours per year.

LiveRoof is committed to the ongoing success of every LiveRoof installation and provides a free quarterly email maintenance newsletter. This useful resource guides the maintenance provider through seasonal maintenance events and covers current topics of interest.

Creative License: Endless Plant Choice
NATS Nursery and LiveRoof work hard to offer you endless plant mixes that allow you to bring out your creative expression.

The LiveRoof Deep and Maxx Systems allow for planting of grasses and perennials which can greatly increase biodiversity of invertebrate and bird life. Even a few small islands of the LiveRoof Deep or Maxx System interspersed among expanses of the LiveRoof Standard System (4.25” of soil), can enhance biodiversity and provide a unique aesthetic quality.

In addition to LiveRoof LLC’s 50 year module warranty, most LiveRoof Growers offer an extendable one year plant warranty. And, the LiveRoof system is compatible with waterproofing system warranties of major waterproofing manufacturers. In some cases, full system single source warranties are offered by certain membrane manufacturers.

Most importantly, NATS Nursery and LiveRoof will always try to convey to you what it is that you should know, rather than what you want to hear. LiveRoof green roofs are extremely low maintenance, but no green roof requires “no maintenance.” Therefore, all warranties are subject to proper care through the consistent execution of the LiveRoof Standard Maintenance Protocol. This is easy, and we are pleased to instruct you at your location.

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