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We are your grower
We fill orders small and large, from starter plants to finished plants. Whether it’s a selection of #1 pots for a municipal project, 100,000 custom grown seedlings for a mining reclamation project, or 350,000 native plants for the green roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre, we have a team of qualified experts to assist you with your specific project needs.

We have two nursery locations in Langley, BC. Our main nursery, where we grow the majority of our native plants and LiveRoof (green roof) projects, and our second location where we primarily grow our sedum “mother” stock, LiveRoof projects and more native plants. Take a tour with this short drone video of both locations.

Our Vision
The NATS Nursery team supplies the arms for a landscape revolution. We grow the lungs of the world. By enthusiastically sharing our passion and expertise, we inspire all to grow the right plants in the right places, and restore habitat for all the world’s creatures.

Our Mission
The unique and highly skilled team at NATS is committed to providing the best quality Pacific Northwest plants possible to the global market for restoration, reclamation, reforestation, sustainable gardening, construction and more. Whether they be wholesalers, landscape contractors, landscape architects, governments, retail nurseries, garden centres, restoration firms or roofing contractors for vegetative roofs, we strive to help all of our customers find the right plant for the right place, and to share our personal passion for plants, and for improving the world in which we live.

As ambassadors of sustainability we work to set an example for environmentally and ecologically responsible work processes and practices. We use technology wisely to reduce our ecological footprint and improve our products and services for our customers and their environments.

It is the people of NATS that make all of this possible. We are responsible to each other for the things we say and do, and value the contributions of all team members. Our healthy work environment results from our respect for all living things and their habitats, employees included.

The NATS Nursery team is happily committed to leading the landscape revolution.

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