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New Starter Plant Sales Specialist

Starter Plants news at NATS:

Welcome Vanessa Isnardy, and talk to you soon Haley Argen, Native Plant Consultant

Haley Argen will be leaving behind her current role as full-time Starter Plant Sales Specialist at NATS Nursery starting in 2018.

Haley is making a lifestyle change and moving to Vancouver Island to be closer to family, especially her grandchildren. Along with her husband Thom they will be moving and expanding their own small Nature Tech Nursery, where they will continue to propagate, grow and supply improved hazelnut varieties and other edible perennials to support regional food security and agriculture in BC.

Haley is still passionate and knowledgeable about native plants, their attributes, use, and ability to repair scarred and disturbed landscapes, and will remain involved with NATS Nursery through the magic of technology on special projects.

We wish Haley and her family all the best and look forward to her continuing to be involved with NATS, albeit from the splendor of Vancouver Island.

Haley will be in the offices at NATS through 2017.

Welcome Vanessa

Please join us in welcoming Vanessa Isnardy, BSc, B.I.T. as our new Starter Plants Sales Specialist. Vanessa started work this November and is learning her new role here at NATS with the help of Haley and the rest of the staff. Haley and Vanessa will be tag teaming in assisting you with your order inquiries during the training process. Vanessa comes to NATS from a career in sales and management in electrical wholesale, and is a recent graduate of BCIT’s Bachelor of Science in Ecological Restoration. She also has recent experience working on restoration projects and public outreach in the Squamish area. Vanessa shares Haley’s passion for native plants and their ecological role. With a background in ecology and experience in wholesale, we believe Vanessa will flourish in her new role. Please join us in welcoming Vanessa to the NATS team!