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Plant Search Tips

Here are some tips to optimize your plant search.

1) If your search query contains two or more words and you want to find products that have all of those words mentioned in their info, you can join those words by ‘AND‘.

  • Green roof AND Yellow flower
  • Full Sun AND Zone 5 AND Perennial

2) If you want to find products that have either of the query’s terms mentioned in their info, you should join your words with ‘OR‘.

  • Pink flower OR Blue flower
  • Grassland OR Woodland OR Alpine/Sub-Alpine

(Note: when no filter is used, all words in a search query are considered to be joined by ‘OR’.)

3) If you want to exclude products, that contain some word, from search results, you should place ‘NOT‘ before that word in a search query.

  • Wetland NOT Shade
  • Wetland NOT Shade NOT Shrub

4)  You can combine together the above mentioned tricks to get more efficient searches. Joining terms (‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘NOT’) are case-sensitive, so be sure to use all capitals!

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