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    Greening the earth one project at a time.


We are proud to be a part of something bigger. From wetland restoration, forest road decommissioning, living roofs and highway greening, to custom growing for Canada’s coldest regions, we’ve been involved in countless great projects that have made the world a little greener. Check out some of the great projects we’ve worked on.

  • Calvert Residence

    Another great example of a residential LiveRoof. The proud owner likes how the LiveRoof changes in appearance during and year by year. "Pink is more dominant this year - last year the white was more dominant. Looks pretty nifty we think. Also have lot of bees again this year...."

  • Phantom Creek

    Stunning LiveRoof installed at Phantom Creek winery. The grasses add wonderful texture and height that really sets this green roof apart.

  • Colony Farm Sheep Paddocks

    The Colony Farm Sheep Paddocks trail is a biking, and walking path in Coquitlam. Years of erosion by the floodwaters of the Coquitlam River, and the growth of numerous invasive species, led to the trail being shut down for a restoration project in 2017. NATS Nursery provided the native plants for the project. The trail restoration was completed in early 2020, and the plants provided by NATS have been thriving.

  • Evans Residence

    Dynamic LiveRoof design belongs on both residential and commercial buildings. Varied sedum mixes and an ununiform shape create visual interest and add to the unique features of this charming home.

  • Blakeburn Lagoons Park, Port Coquitlam BC

    Blakeburn Lagoons Park is a peaceful oasis where people can go to commune with nature and experience a functioning wildlife habitat (City of Port Coquitlam). More than 100,000 native plants, varying from perennial flowers and wetland plants to shrubs and trees, were grown and supplied by NATS Nursery for this habitat restoration! The 11-hectare (27-acre) park in northeast Port Coquitlam was formerly the site of two waste settling ponds, and was redeveloped in 2017 and early 2018 (City of Port Coquitlam). The Park now features: 1.6 kilometres of looped walking trails A reflective space designated as a place to reflect, heal and honour, with seating, plantings and views of the lagoons, Seating, educational signage and a picnic area Viewing platforms at key vantage points Varied ecological habitat zones (e.g. woodland, grassland, wetland, aquatic) providing diverse wildlife habitat More than 100,000 indigenous shrubs and groundcover plants, more than 1,300 indigenous trees and two acres of native grasses Four wildlife-only habitat islands, and Vegetative buffers and fencing to protect environmentally sensitive areas from public access. The park was also designed to help manage stormwater runoff in the surrounding neighbourhood (City of Port Coquitlam). NATS Nursery was proud to be the native plant supplier for this project, delivering high quality plants, on time and on budget!...

  • Barnston Pump Station LiveRoof

    A beautiful sloping roof hosting a NATS LiveRoof with high plant biodiversity. This water pump station distributes drinking water to municipalities including Maple Ridge, Township of Langley, City of Langley, and Surrey.

  • Boundary Bay Beach Home

    The owner of this stunning beach home in Boundary Bay, BC said, "Of all the things we've put into our house, I would have to say our LiveRoof is the feature we are most pleased with".

  • NATS LiveRoof Tops Splatsin’s New Community Centre

    NATS' LiveRoof helps Splatsin's new community centre in Enderby, BC reflect a traditional winter shelter (pit house). This beautiful new building sports a 24,000 sq ft LiveRoof using a unique evergreen sedum mix with native accent plants.