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Why Our Plants Are Different

Seed Propagation and Provenance Records
At NATS, most of our propagation is done from seed and this allows us to maintain provenance records. The term ‘provenance’ refers to the regional area from which the seeds or cutting were collected and in many instances, provenance-specific plants perform better than non-natives when placed in the natural environment. In addition, propagation by seed results in greater genetic diversity when compared to using cuttings/clones, and this results in hardier plants and long term success for your projects.

Do you require custom plant materials from a specific seed source? Find out about our seed collection and custom growing services.

Mycorrhizae are added to all of our plugs. These beneficial soil fungi form a mutually beneficial relationship with the roots of a plant, and help to recreate the healthy environment of their natural habitats.

These plants will enjoy the following benefits:
– Improved root growth
– Improved nutrient and water uptake
– Reduced drought stress
– Improved plant growth
– Reduced transplant shock

Plant Quality Standards
Our plants meet and/or exceed the British Columbia Nursery and Landscape Association Standards.

Constant Innovation and Improvement
We are constantly conducting on-site research and plant trials to uncover more efficient and sustainable growing methods. We are also active supporters of industry research and opened our nursery to Dr. Janice Elmhirst, a local plant pathologist, and partner with BCIT’s Centre for the Advancement of Green Roof Technology.

Proven Record: 30 Years And Counting
We have been growing plants since 1988 and pride ourselves on being experts in the field of Pacific Northwest natives. Our quality plant material is a first choice for municipalities, private landscapers and volunteer groups alike, and we stand behind each and every one of the 2.6 million plants that we produce annually. NATS is thankful to be a trusted partner in landscaping and restoration projects across North America and we are happy to do our part to preserve and restore natural habitats for all the world’s creatures.

So Many Choices
Our catalogue lists common native plants, which we grow in great quantity, along with some rare and unique native species which will enhance and support any planting. Our expert staff are just a click away to answer your questions and help you with your project needs. We’re here when you’re ready.

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