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Sedum Mats Article by Brian Minter!

Check out this great article in the Vancouver Sun by Brian Minter about Sedum Mats for Landscaping!

What is a Sedum Landscape Mat?

A Sedum species mixture rooted into a matting that is easy to install, roots quickly, and requires little water throughout the year. It is ideal for low-traffic areas.

Sedums flower in the spring and summer providing beautiful colours and a food source for bees and other pollinators. The sedum foliage changes colour throughout the seasons as well, adding even more seasonal interest!

Sedum Turf is a low maintenance alternative that only requires mowing once a year!  Cuttings from mowing should be left where they fall and will root back into the ground with regular watering. Sedums are naturally drought-tolerant succulents that require little water throughout the year, and can be fertilized once a year to enhance colour and growth.

Sedums are a great grass turf alternative!

Custom colour mixes are available upon request.

Contact Walt Pinder for a product demonstration!

Walt Pinder is our salesperson for LiveRoof modular green roof systems as well as everything Sedum: cuttings, plugs, Sedum landscape mats. Contact Walt here to inquire about our availability for Sedums, or your very own custom grown LiveRoof!

Mixture of Sedums in a Sedum Mat