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Starter Plants

Our high quality starter plants are produced onsite in our modern propagation facility. Most of our propagation is done from seed which produces more robust and genetically diverse plant material than cuttings.

We are a wholesale supplier of starter plants to other wholesalers, brokers, garden centres, landscapers, environmental companies, community groups, educational facilities and many more. While we focus on Pacific Northwest species, we also grow natives from across North America, spanning the continent from the Pacific Northwest to the Northern regions of B.C., Alberta, the Yukon, NWT, Nunavut and Alaska, all the way to the Eastern seaboard.

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What is a Starter Plant (a.k.a. Plug)?
A starter plant or plug is a small sized seedling grown in an individual cell that can be transplanted into a larger container or directly into the ground. NATS plugs are sold in trays of 45, 50, 72, 77, 112 or 128 units.  Many varieties of plant material are produced in starter plant form, from perennials and ferns to shrubs and trees and we can custom grow most sizes of starter plants for custom orders. Browse our plant catalogue to find out more.

When are Starter Plants the right choice for your project?
Plugs and cuttings are well suited to many landscape projects and customers including:

– habitat restoration, reforestation and revegetation
– land reclamation for mining, forestry, etc.
– bioswales and rainwater management
– green roofs and living walls
– retail garden centers, wholesalers and landscapers

Why Starter Plants are good for the environment.
Plugs are compact and take up less shipping volume than finished containers, therefore consuming fewer fossil fuels per plant during the transportation process. Plugs also consume fewer resources to produce and bring to market than finished containers, as they spend less time growing in the nursery and are easier to move around because of their compact size, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint than their larger counterparts.

Looking for something bigger?
We also have a wide selection of finished containers that are available in 4” containers and up.

Minimum Wholesale Orders
NATS is a wholesale nursery that has a minimum order of $600 for pick-up orders, and $750 for deliveries before taxes and freight-related costs. If you are interested in smaller orders please be aware of our scaled pricing policy. Contact our Starter Plant Sales Manager for more information.

Get In Touch With Jenn, our Starter Plant Sales Rep Browse Our Plant Catalogue