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Christmas Tree Seedlings

NATS Nursery produces a wide variety of Christmas tree seedlings. We maintain seed provenance records for our seedlings, and with this information, we can help you find the tree variety that will be well suited to the growing conditions in your region.

The growing cycle for Christmas tree species is at least one year (two years for a few), so if you are looking for seedlings to meet a particular planting schedule, booking your order well in advance is the best way to ensure you will have trees available when you need them. While we also produce small amounts of seedlings for inventory, we cannot guarantee availability, so custom ordering is recommended. Please get in touch with Ron Jacobson to get your questions answered and to place your order.

Note: We can ship Abies sp. to USA, BC and other Canadian provinces. Note: In 2019, the Balsam Woolly Adelgid Quarantine zone was been lifted for shipping Abies sp. throughout BC.