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Stunning Remote Residential LiveRoof – People’s Choice Finalist

This project came to us from Alex Nataros, who is a remote northern Vancouver Island doctor. He was looking for something unique and, as much as possible, was a reflection of him, providing a place to unwind and meditate. We were given full freedom for the design from layout, products used, plant assemblage and inspiration. I drew inspiration from his passion for the outdoors, nature and sailing. The home overlooks the fishing docks of the inner harbor and the downtown, providing expansive views but a secluded feel.

The design is broken into 4 sections, each roughly representing 1 of the 4 elements (earth, wind, fire & water). The blues representing the water, the reds fire, green (left side) the earth and yellow (bottom) the sky. The earth was represented with predominantly green/evergreen sedum with Fragaria (chiloensis & vesca) the main accent. The sky was represented with yellow sedum for the sun and Aquilegia growing tall and delicately, reaching for the sky. Fire was represented with predominantly red sedum with Arctostaphylos uva-ursi. Water was represented with blue/grey sedum and a mix of alliums representing delicate corals and jelly fish. The RoofStone pavers create a wavey ‘X’, representing the waves and starfish, and the 4 points lining up with North/South/East & West, representing the most important tool to a traveler or sailor, the compass to always fine your way. The paver loop around the chimney represents an anchor and the connection to hearth and home. To round the design off and represent the grounded nature of the owner, RoofEdge was used to create a drain channel along the bottom profile of the roof and was filled in with rocks collected from the site by volunteers helping with the install.

In total there are 23 sedum varieties and 11 native accents used. Every plant selected supports nature and the environment, either supporting pollinators or providing food, with each blend having at least 1 edible plant or fruit bearing plant.