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Jenn Gushuliak

Jenn Gushuliak – Starter Plant Sales (Email Jenn)

Jenn has a passion for plant and has worked in the horticulture/floriculture industry for 20+ years. Her gardening roots run back to humble beginnings in Winnipeg which paved the way for growth and perennial, shrub and tree experience in the temperate rainforest climes of BC. She is thrilled to be working alongside respectful knowledgeable staff who all agree their work is meaningful and valuable to this earth. Alongside Jennifer Adhika (Custom Grow Contract Rep) she will provide in house sales experience for NATS seedling customers working on reclamation, reforestation, conservancy and landscape projects. Jenn is dedicated to long term growth with her customers and fulfilling the NATS mantra, “Right place for the right plant.”