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Jennifer Adhika

Jennifer – Starter Plant Sales Manager (Email Jennifer)

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, for which she completed a thesis study on Restoration of Native Camassia quamash in Garry Oak Meadows: A look at the effects of herbivory and competition. She has been on staff at NATS Nursery since 2016, spending 2.5 years as Inventory Manager and sales assistant. In this position, she worked closely with the sales, growing, and shipping staff to ensure the plant inventory was tracked appropriately, and the quality of plants met specifications for shipping. Jennifer has a large working knowledge of native plants, their habitats, applications, and is always learning more about native plant species. She has spent time in the field doing research on plants and plant communities, participating in restoration planting, and invasive species removal. Jennifer is pleased to assist with selecting the right plants for your application!