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World Green Roof Day 2020

This past week NATS celebrated the first annual World Green Roof Day (WGRD) on June 6th with over 57 different countries across the globe. World Green Roof Day encourages people to consider the positive impact green roofs have on the world around us, and share what they love about green roofs.

Green roofs redefine spaces that would typically be covered in asphalt and concrete. They allow nature to have a home within the city, and pollinators to have access to food & resources. Noise pollution is minimized by green roofs, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment for everyone. The heat built up in cities, called the urban heat island effect, can also be mitigated by green roofs as they act as insulators, and thus reduce the temperature of the city as well as the costs associated with heating and cooling the building they’re on. They can improve the effectiveness of solar panels by 10%, and can significantly extend the life of a roof by 200 – 300 percent. Most importantly, green roofs are meant to be seen, and offer beauty where there would otherwise be none.

The benefits of green roofs are extensive, and we are so proud to be able to offer a product that delivers these results and so many more. The NATS LiveRoof modular system offers immediate full coverage, and minimal maintenance, available in a vast variety of sedums and native perennials.

Make sure you check out our WGRD posts on Facebook and Instagram. You can find our WGRD video here, and see NATS’ team members celebrate their love for green roofs!